VoiP Service for Business

Whether it's just business communications as usual or if you're transitioning to a hybrid work model post-COVID, you need voice over IP (VoIP). These systems, sometimes called cloud PBXes, can manage all your voice communications from a central console no matter how many extensions you've got, where your employees are located, or even what devices they're using. Most systems also offer features like video conferencing and team collaboration. Put all that together with subscription-based pricing that's generally much cheaper than an old-fashioned, on-premises PBX, and VoIP remains one of the best communications investments any business can make, especially during the pandemic.


Still, COVID-19 won't last forever, so keeping in mind core VoIP criteria is important. That means providing voice communications for employees at their desks once they start returning to the office.  VoIP systems may also need to support a call center for sales or customer service and support; and they often need to connect with and through a host of other communications channels, such as conference calls, fax machines, mobile communications, text messaging, video conferencing, and wireless handsets.