System Integration

When you choose Youus, you’ll be working with the most experienced Vantage / BTicino  installers in the industry. Our expertise with Vantage smart home installation means we can provide seamless connection of all the most important technology in your house or business. With complete Legrand products integration, your property’s essential systems will work together like you never thought possible. This level of connectivity makes living and working much more convenient and enjoyable. Our experience makes us the top Vantage  service company, and we’re eager to show you how we’ve earned our reputation.


Only integrated designing can provide answers to increasingly complex needs. This approach has allowed us to work profitably on activities and with clients very different from each other with participation in numerous projects and achievements.

The experience gained also allows us to deal with complex integration projects, by nature, size, logistics, concatenation of phases.


Particular attention is paid to the total integration of the plants, the issues of energy saving and environmental compatibility, also in relation to the different certification protocols.

We design and implement technological solutions integrated with the use of various automation systems with different digital communication protocols.