With the ICalis ICC Platform we provide our customers and partners with a comprehensive software platform for the Internet of Things (IoT).

It consists of various cloud and services and software packages all aiming to:

  • Help IoT developers to create, implement, and maintain IoT applications in a fast, easy, and secure way;
  • Help customer to make an existing plant SMART saving already made investments.
  • Detect, provision and manage devices and assets with a pluggable architecture.
  • Create and plug a driver, automatically detect, provision and manager your IoT modules making your plant SMART. Easily integrate new or existing assets using Youus ICC SMART API.
  • Collect and store telemetry and energy data securely. Optimize energy consumption using telemetry or access to stored data through ICC SMART API. Transform and normalize your device data. Use your data for AI.
  • Create a scenery and react to specific events. Use its internal engine to create rules based upon sensor, triggers, actions. Define and process complex rule chains.
  • Simplify complex IoT infrastructures . Create complex architecture, get maximum scalability and fault tolerance using ICC architecture. ICC also support cloud, local connection, Edge Computing.
  • Start using your IoT modules with …….. Make your plant available on Alexa, Google Home, Hey Siri, Apple Homekit, IFTTT.