Vantage Tecnoalarm Gateway

 The Vantage gateway for TECNOALARM anti-theft control panel is a gateway between Vantage and the TECNO-OUT communication protocol used to monitor and control some anti-intrusion control panels of the TECNOALARM catalogue. Based on an embedded platform and Linux operating system, to ensure maximum reliability and stability, it is fully configurable and manageable through a common internet browser thanks to the integrated webserver.



The main features offered by the gateway are:  transmission of the detection by each area configured - even with anti-intrusion system disconnected - and inhibition status > Possibility of inhibiting individual zones. Possibility to insert and disconnect each program configured by means of specific Vanatage scenarios. Extensive administration section with which to configure the network parameters, date/time and relative update via internet, backup/restore of the configuration, diagnostics etc.


Tecnoalarm Gateway
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