Bringing Technology To Life!

Albert Einstein minimized his wardrobe to avoid wasting time thinking about what to wear. Simplifying his life gave him more time and energy to focus on his work. System integration works the same way. It simplifies your life by shifting the more mundane and tedious tasks from you to your home/office. With a ‘smarter life’, you can focus more of your time and energy on the people and things that matter most to you.


Technology must in any case be a business enabler, provided it is a "stream line", which is a simplification factor that does not introduce useless complexities in the company's eco-system.

Our philosophy

Since 2011 a part of the Research & Development sector of the company has dedicated itself to the Home & Building Automation sector, hiring staff with decades of experience in the sector, trying to address the issues of this expanding market with a prospective vision and enriched with specific ICT skills.

The experience of the previous IOT projects carried out by Youus has taught that a vision of innovation identified exclusively as research and development of is a limited vision.

With the ICalis project, not only we have witnessed incremental innovations compared to the predecessor gateway, but it has radically transformed the face and strategy of our company, which was substantially faced with the transition from a system integrator to a product company.