OEM Services

Analysis and development of software and drivers for the supervision and management of home / office/ building automation systems and programming of embedded systems.

Youus is able to develop special applications for the integration of devices and equipment of different brands.

 The know-how acquired over the years as a system integrator allows us to integrate different technologies.

  • The areas of competence of software development in the field of automation are different (management: lighting, automation, air conditioning and heating, monitoring consumption and energy saving, video surveillance, security and access control, ecc)
  • Realizes customized versions of its supervision solutions, IOT and cloud - both hardware and software - for companies operating in the electrical, thermohydraulic and industrial sectors, worldwide.
  • Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of supervision applications, we are the ideal partner to reduce time-to-market with cutting-edge and highly verticalized solutions, while relying on a robust modular platform that can adapt to different needs.

Our OEM division is always available to evaluate new technology systems supervision projects, intended for both large companies and specific  players.