ICalis for Smart Home


Smart Home is an intelligent concept of home in which the user can work on sensors and devices to make the home respond in a smart way.

Light bulb adjustment, temperature monitoring, air monoxide control, video surveillance, home appliance management and much more.

Thanks to home automation it is possible to create a wide range of actions and reactions that make the house more related to the user's needs.



Smart Home is a name that has been used for a long time, often in an inappropriate way for any technology designed for the home, regardless of its real relevance to any form of intelligence.

The technical side of the label "smart home" has often been enclosed in the word "home automation", however still too far to be fully understood from the mass market.


Do we want to check the heating? The cooling? The lights? Safety? Consumption? For each of these items there are more or less closed and flexible systems, often with an impeccable operation, but not sometimes we end up in a too complex situation, a bit like having ten different remote controls in the living room. But what if we want to bring all these features together within a single system? Yes, you can, just choose ICalis System. 

ICalis the heart of your Home

ICalis allows in a short time to add new peripherals, control them and give remote commands. It’s actually a smart controller that’s compatible with a lot of smart and non-smart protocols.

The ICalis creates a totally autonomous system able to learn - thanks to the deep learning (in-depth learning) -the habits of the inhabitants of the house according to the requests made by them.