Research and Development

Research and development are for Youus the heart around which all other activities revolve, being the continuous innovation and development of new solutions one of the most significant traits of the corporate identity.

Our R&D division is made up of technicians with many years of experience in the field of embedded applications, automation and user interfaces. We develop mainly on Linux operating system using, for the various constituent components of our supervision architecture, the languages C, PHP, JavaScript and SQL. We also develop on mobile platforms, in particular for APPLE / iOS and ANDROID devices.
We create hardware, firmware, app and cloud solutions on internet of things technology and for industry 4.0 applications, even on specific projects for OEM customers.

We collaborate with important companies specialized in both the software and electronic fields for the development of our solutions, while maintaining the intellectual property of all the projects carried out. One of the pillars on which the company policy is based is in fact the internal maintenance of know-how as a distinctive element to ensure continuity and competence.