ICalis for industry 4.0

The factory IT systems integration is satisfied if the asset exchanges information with internal systems such as management system, planning systems, those of product design and development, monitoring, even remotely, and control or with other machines of the plant, by means of connection based on documented specifications, publicly available and internationally recognized (examples: TCPIP, HTTP, MQTT, etc.). The ICalis proposes a set of Drivers for the interconnection and the automatic control of the productive processes, ready also for the renewal or the revamping of existing systems of production. The ICalis can be easily integrated into existing systems with CNC/ PLC via Modbus, the different inputs and outputs of the system and interconnect it to the network (Wifi, Ethernet, 3,4,5G) adopting the most popular IOT protocols.

ICalis DMC

 The ICalis functions of datalogger, switch, driver routing and allows VPN interconnection to factory systems in addition to the remote loading of instructions/part program.

ICalis manages to recover and control different types of machines and tools through drivers that implement the specific communication protocol with the device and send and receive data through a simple TCP/IP protocol.


If the machine has a communication protocol, it is possible to create the appropriate solution that allows interfacing with it.

Users can leverage ICalis' Human Machine Interface (HMI) to visualize and analyze production line performance and resources, quickly identifying performance anomalies and their root cause.


ICalis brings to the factory a smart technology and advanced control tools, offers the Plant Dashboard, the responsive full web application for controlling the activity of machines in real time and without delays.

The ICalis has been designed to give the possibility also to those who build machines to be able to realize the driver to communicate and transform 4.0 machines.